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According to an economic expert of the permanent observation mission of the Holy See in the UN, an associate professor of the University after St. John in the US, Alexander Gevorgyan, Armenia is struggling to overcome the recent economic crisis. The biggest blow was in 2014 the sharp devaluation of the ruble in Russia, which led to an acceleration in the rate of inflation, the results of which affected almost all strategic partners of Russia.

"Today the whole world is facing changes. The economy of Armenia, too. It is necessary to ensure a new level of efficiency here, Gevorgyan noted.

What kind of econamic policy should Armenia develop, which direction should be given priority to? The expert advises not to limit the possibilities. It is necessary to increase investment attractiveness and trust in Armenia. For foreign investors, agriculture can be the most reliable.

Within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia should be able to expand its ties with Russia. This does not mean that we should weaken our ties with the West, he said.

Under the word "West", the expert means primarily the United States and the capabilities of the Armenians living there. Associate Professor of St. John's University studied the interest of Armenians living in America to Armenia. The conclusion is obvious: Armenians living in America consider the area of ​​Innovative Technologies and Innovations to be promising and economically more profitable, where they are ready to invest.

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